Sunday, August 12, 2012

Auras and Chakras

The word Charkra is an old Sanskrit word for “Wheels of Light” they are another system in body much like the circulatory, Nervous, and Respiratory. They interact most closely with the endocrine and lymphatic system.  There are seven major chakras that actually hook directly into the spine and take perceptions from ones aura. They hold information of past pain and trauma and it can impact ones aura. These affect a persons emotional and physical health through their connection to the endocrine glands that regulate human behavior. The human energy field or aura surrounds the body in an egg shape around he body.

    Their seven layers to a persons aura if one or more auras are out of balances they will dim or brighten and be uneven. A person who is spiritually advanced will have an aura that is the pure white light of Spirit.

    Level 1 ~ Etheric Body (aka Lower etheric): Color: Red; This is associated with tough/feeling. If         this level is strong, you will have a healthy body and enjoy all the pleasures of your         five senses (Taste, tough, sight, sound)
    Level 2 ~ Emotional Body (Lower emotional aspect): Color: Orange; This is either light and bright         or swirling with dirty clouds of energy. Negative issues, such as unresolved         emotional “baggage,” can stagnate here; conversely, if you feel happy at a core level,         your first and second energy bodies will display clear, bright colors.   
    Level 3 ~Mental Body (Lower mental aspect): Color: Yellow; This is concerned with mental         concepts in the rational world.  It pulsates at a very fine level when you have an         active, lively mind.
    Level 4 ~ Higher Mental Body: Color: Green; This is where our auras merge and interact with         other people, plants, animals, surroundings and the cosmos. Here we feel the love of         relationships, since it is strongly associated with the heart chakra.
    Level 5 ~ Causal Body (Celestial Body):  Color: Turquoise; This is associated with Divine Will and         acts as an etheric template for the first level (the Etheric Body)
    Level 6 ~ Ketheric Body/True Self (Higher mental aspect):  This links us to Divine Mind, our         higher truth, our super-consciousness.
    Base/ Muladhara ~ 
        Color: Red
        Element: Earth,
        Sense: smell
        Glands: Testes/Ovaries
        Key Issues: Sexuality, Lust, Obsession
        Physical location: Between the anus and the Genitals, opening downward
        Associated Spinal Area: Fourth Sacral Vertebra
        Inner aspect: Grounding spiritual energies
        Physical action: Sexuality
        Mental Action: Stability
        Emotional Action: Sensuality
        Spiritual Action: Security
        Animal: The mole represents our learning to respect our dependence on the             alchemy of the Earth. This chakra represents our first awareness of physical             form, relationship to Earth, honoring the Source, respecting the alchemy of             the soil that supports all life.
        Gemstones:  Emeralds, uncut work best, Carnelian,
        Essential Oils: Cedarwood, Patchouli, Myrrh
    Sacral/ Svadisthana ~ 
        Element: Water
        Sense: Taste
        Glands: Adrenals
        Key Issues: Relationships, violence, addictions
        Physical Location: Upper part of sacrum below the navel
        Associated spinal area: First lumbar vertebra
        Inner aspect: Feeling
        Physical Aspect: Reproduction
        Mental Action: Creativity
        Emotional Action: Joy
        Spiritual action: Enthusiasm
        Animal: The badger represents recognition of individual needs, care of self as             separate physical entity. The power and vulnerability of the Life Force             manifest within us, acknowledging its sacredness; healing energy for self             and others.
        Gemstones: Fire Opal, and Carnelian, moonstones, and aquamarine
        Essentials Oils: Sandalwood, Jasmine, Champaca, Ylang-Ylang, Rose oil
    Solar Plexus/ Manipura ~ 
        Color: Yellow
        Element: Fire
        SEnse: Sight
        Glands: Pancreas
        Key Issues: Power, fear, anxiety, introversion
        Physical location: Between the navel and the bottom of the sternum
        Associated Spinal area: Seventh and eighth thoracic vertebrae
        Inner Aspect: Opinion and personal power
        Physical action: Digestion
        Mental Action: Power
        Emotional Action: Expansiveness
        Spiritual action: Growth
        Animal: The bear symbolizes self-knowledge and growth; standing in your own             power; transition and change through the power of introspection;             recognizing the limits of human knowing, power of humanity and             forgiveness.
        Gemstones: Topaz, yellow tourmaline, emerald, Sapphire and citrine
        Essential Oils: Clary Sage, Juniper, and Geranium
    Heart/ Anahata ~
        Color: Green/Pink
        Element: Air
        Sense: Touch
        Gland: Thymus
        Key Issues: Passion, tenderness, inner-child issues and rejection
        Physical location: At the center of the chest on the sternum
        Associated Spinal area: Fourth thoracic vertebra
        Inner Aspect: Unconditional love and compassion
        Physical action: Circulation
        Mental action: Passion
        Spiritual Action: Devotion
        Animal: Wolf: Development of ability to love and care for others; community             awareness and awareness of relationship; joy in nurturing and supporting             others, and receiving the same for yourself to achieve all of the above.
        Gemstones: Peridot, pink topaz, rhodonite, pink or lavender kunzite, Watermelon             Tourmaline, rose quartz, and rhodocrosite,
        Essential Oils: Rose, Melissa, Neroli
    Throat/ Vishuddha ~
        Color: Turquoise
        Element: Ether/Akasha
        Sense: Hearing
        Gland: Thyroid/ Parathyroids
        Key Issues: Self-expression, communication, and will
        Physical Location: Between the collar bone and larynx in the neck
        Associated spinal area: third cervical vertebra
        Inner Aspect: Expression
        Physical action: Communication
        Mental Action: Fluent thought
        Emotional Action: Independence
        Spiritual Action: Security
        Animal: Personal Power animals: Finding your own voice: discovering how to best             use your personal gifts; learning to distinguish between self-power, power             over others, or others‘ power over you. Honoring your gift with courage.
        Gemstones: Blue topaz, Yellow topaz, Quartz, and turquoise
        Essential Oils: Lavender, Chamomile, and Rosemary/Thyme/Sage
    Brow/Ajna ~
        Color: Deep Blue
        Element: Spirit
        Sense: Extra-sensory perception
        Gland: Pituitary
        Key Issues: Balancing the higher/lower selves and trusting inner guidance.
        Physical Location: The center of the brow
        Associated spinal area: First cervival vertebra
        Inner aspect: Intuition
        Emotional action: Clarity
        Spiritual Action: Meditation
        Animal: Mountain Lion: Quest for wisdom (tracking); the mountain lion has the             ability to differentiate between human knowledge and universal truth. The             mountain lion shows openness to the lessons of true elders, recognizing             forces and truths that govern our lives and all others
        Gemstones: Diamonds, Lapis Lazuli
        Essential Oils: Frankincense, Basil and holy basil
    Crown/Sahasrara ~
        Color: Violet/Gold
        Element: Spirit
        Sense:  All the senses
        Glands: Pineal
        Key issues: Inner Wisdom and death of the body
        Physical location: top of head
        Associated spinal area: None
        Inner aspect: Release of Karma
        Physical action: Meditation
        Mental action: Universal consciousness
        Emotional Action: Beingness
        Spiritual Action: Unity through transcendental consciousness.
        Animal: Eagle:The eagle has the ability to see the big picture, the balance between             Earth beings and spirit; awareness of how our journey on Earth is not             separate from our spiritual identity.
        Gemstones: Celestite, Blue Sapphire, Charoite and surgilite, Clear quartz,  and             Amethyst.
        Essential Oils: Ylang-Ylang, Rosewood, Lotus or water lily,  and Linden or lime             blossom   

Saturday, July 21, 2012

We made Pentacles!

Rituals and other good stuff

The Circle Goes 'round in our lives and our hearts
As merry we meet and merry we part
Teaching us lessons and doing it right
But giving us stars on the darkest of nights
Granting our wishes and cheering us on
As we follow its path through the days hard and long
Bringing us friends so that we may play
And laugh and converse as we follow the way
Of the lord and the Lady and all that it means
As we work toward out goals and reach our for our dreams
At last, it returns us  to where we began
But we are now different than we were back then
The magical circle has changed us -Each one-
And we are now different than we were back then
And just when we think the trip’s over and done
We find that the circle has only begun.
                        ~Dorothy Morrison~
The Altar
    Because the human factor represents Akasha and is the source from which all magic flows, most people like to work with it in the center of the circle. Yet not everyone has the space to do that, so the altar can be placed where ever is convenient Remember to allow some walking room, though otherwise you may inadvertently knock over a candle and set the room on fire.
Cakes and Wine/ Blessings and Libation
    After preforming ritual magic, cakes and wine/cookies and juice, as case may be-are blessed and consecrated. In a solo setting it common to eat one of the cakes and drink the wine, if  you are in a group it is traditional to kiss the person you are passing it to after taking a sip or a bite. Always leaves something to leave to lord and Lady at the end of the ritual, but split the rest of the “feast” up between the members.
    Once the Ritual is over take out your offering to the Lord and Lady, place the solid food on the ground and pour the wine over top. If you do not do the wine&cakes part in your ritual make sure to leave something to the Deities, sacred water, incense, but be smart, don’t like incense and walk away, or a candle.

Call of the Five Winds
    This is a ritual that is actually a follow up to the grandmother meditation. They can be used separately or together.
    Supplies: Your breath, five tubes of glitter (gold, red, blue, green, and silver); five candles (gold, red, blue, green, and silver); a one-foot-by-one-foot flat stone, a pair of soft gloves.
Choose an area where you will not be disturbed, don’t mind glitter on the floor, and will feel at peace.
    Put on the gloves, set the stone in the center of where you will be working,  and place the silver candle in the middle of the stone. Set the candles around the stone in the appropriate quarters: East-Gold, South-red, West-blue,  and north-green
    You may put on the meditation, or gentle music if you like. Relax in the center of the room, beside your stone. This simple sacred space alignment requites that you be seated.
    Sit facing the east, light the gold candle. Tae a small amount of gold glitter in your hand and close your eyes. Concentrate on what the energies of the east represent to you and what your need in your life that coincides with these energies. You also can consider what your would like to honor. What gifts have you recently from the energies of the east? Once you have contemplated long enough, open your eyes and blow the glitter off your gloved hand. Imagine the energies of the east wind blessing you, your sacred area,  and any tasks you with to perform that use that energy. As the glitter descends, remember what the small winds looked like in the meditation and envision them before you, touching you gently and bringing gifts of love and unity.
    Repeat this procedure with each quarter, moving around the stone like the cycle of the seasons. Meditate on the blessings of this and use this time to find solutions to problems, inspire creativity,  etc.
    After you finish, thank the energies you have called and bid them farewell. Extinguish the candles, in a counterclockwise motion.
    Ground and Center.
    Clean up and record your experiences
Esbat Ritual
    Supplies: Three alter candles: one of each color in the left-center-right positions of         altar or candelabra:
        Full Moon: Blue-white-orange:
            Incense:  Sandalwood, frankincense, Night lady, Moon, Ritual, or                 one that is appropriate for any magical workings
    Tools: Bell (can clap hands instead), bowl of salt,  pentacle, Broom, athame,bowl         with water, incense holder, chalice with drink, cauldron, wand, and an Altar         to keep everything on.
Begin Esbat:
    Lay out Circle and at north set altar items [nay use fruit juice, water, tea, instead of     wine]. Ground and center
    Sweep the Circle area deosil starting in the north and return to the altar.
    As I sweep, may the Besom chase away all negativity from with in this circle
That it may be cleared and read for my work.

Light Incense and Altar candles; ring bell or clap hands 3 times
    The Circle is about to be cast and I freely stand within to greet my lady and my Lord

 Take center Altar candle deosil around the Circle, raising at each Quarter [and lighting Elemental Candles if used] returning to the altar when done.
[North] I call upon Light and Earth at the North to illuminate and strengthen the circle
[East] I call upon light and Air at the East to illuminate and enliven the Circle.
[South] I call upon Light and Fire at the south to illuminate and warm the circle
[West] I call upon Light and Water at the west to illuminate and cleanse the circle

    Raise the Athame in power hand in front of the Altar.
                                                                I draw this circle in the Presence of the Lady and the Lord that they may aid and bless me in my work.
     Lower Athame at North; walk deosil around the Circle, envisioning a blue light     shooting out from the [point to form the Circle Boundary:
This is the boundary of the Circle, around me through walls floors, above me and below me as a sphere is the circle cast and consecrated to the lady and Lord that they may work with and  through their child [name]. This Circle is charged by the powers of the Ancient ones! Only they shall enter and leave.
Return to the Altar, and ring bell 3x; touch point of athame in the salt:
Salt is life and purifying. I bless this alt to be used in this sacred Circle by the power of the Goddess and God.
    Using the Tip of athame drop 3 portions of salt into the water; stir 3 times with     blade.
Let the blessed salt purify this water that it may be blessed to use in this sacred circle. Through the power of the Goddess and the God is this water cleansed
    Sprinkle Blessed Water deosil around the circle
            I consecrate this Circle by the lady and the Lord. This Circle is conjured a Circle of Power that is purified and sealed. So mote it be!
    Put water bowl on Altar; take incense deosil around Circle to cense it.
    With the aroma of incense do I  honor and make welcome my visitors and helpers, visible and invisible
    Dab anointing oil with fingertip on forehead in a sigil.
    I, [name] am consecrated in the name of the Goddess and God, in this their circle. [Do this for all for all group members who walked the circle with you.] How do you enter this circle? [The response for each should be in perfect love and perfect trust]
    With wand, invoke the elemental Elements at each quarter starting at the North and         moving deosil, raise and open arms to invoke, then close and lower arms,         turning to the next quarter until all are called.
        [North] I call upon you, Elemental Earth, to attend this rite and guard this Circle for as I have body and strength, we are kith and kin! [Visualize a bull arriving]
[East] I call upon you, Elemental Air, to attend this rite and guard this circle, for as I breath and think, we kith and kin! [Visualize a soaring Eagle]
[South] I call upon you, Elemental fire, to attend this rite and guard this Circle, for as I have energy and drive, and consume life to live, we kith and kin! [Visualize a mighty lion]
[West] I call upon you, Elemental Water, to attend this rite and guard this Circle, for as I have emotions and my heart beats, we are kith and kin! [Visualize a leaping dolphin]
Draw down Cosmic Lemniscate with wand over altar (Infinity symbol)
Set wand  on Altar, raise Athame in both hands straight over head
Hail to the Elements at the Four Quarters! Welcome Lady and Lord to this Circle! I stand between the worlds with love and power all around.
Set down athame; pick up cup; pour some beverage into libation bowl, cauldron, or the ground to honor the Lady and the Lord, then take a sip, ring bell or clap 5 times.
Stand at the Altar with arms open and feet apart;
    Behold the Great Lady, who travels the sky; The stars shine around her and     light up the night
Pick up wand; open arms to the full moon for the drawing down:
    Lovely lady known by so many names, but known to me as [name], with the         Lord, [name] at your side; honor and reverence I give to you and         invite you to join with me on this, your special night. Descend, my         lady, and speak with your child[Name]
Set wand on altar and listen for guidance.
Read from a personal selection be it song, poem, etc.
Conduct any spell work, Drawing down the moon, charging of water, consecrations, meditations, etc. As created for this night or brought from spells rituals, or meditations sections from your book of shadows.
Once you work is done raise your open arms to the sky
    You are the mother of all, maiden, mother, and crone; you are at life’s beginning and at its end. You dwell within us all for you are life and love, and htus do you make me life and love. Love is the law and love is the bond! So mote it be!
Ring bell or clap 3 times
Feet spread and open arms raised;
    I acknowledge my needs and offer my appreciation to that which sustains me! May I ever remember the blessing of the lady and lord.
Feet together, hold cup in left hand and athame in right and slowly lower the point of the athame into the cup:
    As the Divine Male joins the divine female for the benefit of Both, let the fruits of their sacred Union promote life, love, and joy. Let the Earth be fruitful and let her bounty be spread throughout all lands.
Set down athame, pour a second libation into the libation bowl or cauldron.
Now touch point of athame to bread/cake in offering dish
        This food is the blessing of the Lady and Lord given to me, As I have     received, may I offer food for the body, mind, and spirit to those who seek such     of me.
Eat the circle food and finish the beverage, [divide the food and drink among attendees present] When finished;
        As I enjoyed these gifts of the Goddess and God, may I remember that     with them I would have nothing So mote it be!
Hold Athame in power hand level over altar
        Lord and Lady, I have ben blessed by your sharing this time with me;     watching and guiding me; guiding me here and in all things. I came in love     and I depart in love
Raise athame in a salute
        Love is the law and love is the bond. Merry did I meet, merry do I     part, and merry will I meet again. Merry meet, marry part, and merry meet     again. The Circle is cleared. So mote it be!
Kiss the flat of the blade and set the athame on the altar
With wand moving deosil, far welling each elemental with raised arms, then lower and close arms and move to the next Quarter; snuff candles if used;
        [North]Depart in peace, elemental earth. My blessings take with you
        [East] Depart in peace, elemental Air, My blessings take with you
        [South] Depart in peace, elemental fire, my blessings take with you
        {West] Depart in peace, Elemental water, my blessings take with you
Set wand on altar and raise open arms
        Being and powers of the visible  and invisible, depart in peace! You aid     in my work, whisper in my mind, and bless me from otherworld. Let there ever     be harmony between us. My blessings take with you. The circle is cleared!
Take athame and move widdershins around the circle envisioning the blue light drawing back into the athame.
        The circle is open yet the circle remains as its magical power is drawn     back into me. The circle is cleared! So mote it be!
At the altar, touch the tip of the athame to forehead, seeing the blue light swirling and returning inside; then athame in salute
    The ritual is ended!
Set down athame; open arms outward; palms up:
    Blessings have been given,
Draw arms together, crossed over chest and bow;
    And blessing have been received.
Bring arms forward with hands together in front; palms upright, outward:
    May the peace of the Goddess and the God remain in my heart, so mote it be!
Ground excess energy by touching palms to floor; put away all magical tools and clear the Altar; empty libation bowl or cauldron onto the earth [outside or in a potted plant], or rinse out in sink.